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A guide to getting a repair fixed: Contacting your local MP

If your housing provider is playing hard ball, ignoring repairs or you can’t seem to get anything out of them then you can contact your local MP. 12th October 2021 Read

A guide to getting a repair fixed: Approaching your housing provider

You've identified something in your home that needs repairing, you've documented it, now Courtney guides you through how to approach your housing provider... 7th October 2021 Read

A guide to getting a repair fixed: Evidence

This series of articles are to help you if you’ve moved in somewhere or have been living there a while and found something that needs repairing. 5th October 2021 Read

How to spot mould and damp when moving into a new place

The first in a series of really helpful guides from housing expert, Courtney. 30th September 2021 Read

Covid: a conversation

There were mixed feelings surrounding the final Covid restrictions being lifted in the UK last week. It’s been a really difficult 18 months for everyone and it’s fair to say that young people at university have made some big sacrifices this year both socially and academically. 27th July 2021 Read

Creative Showcase: Dannii Jones

Dannii Jones is a Bristol-based photographer studying at UWE, she'll be entering her final year in September. As well as creating her own, distinct editorial style work, Dannii has been speaking to and working with some international industry names... 26th July 2021 Read