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Guide for Our Loved Ones

Tina Bhartwas has a created an accessible guide that estranged and/ or care-experienced students can share with their loved ones to take the load off students like us having to explain our experiences from scratch, and to give our loved ones the tools they need to offer better support. 13th July 2023 Read

Meet the Sounding Board Part 2

Last week, we introduced you to Sam, Ikra, Tina and Isabelle – members of the Sounding Board who steer and shape the growth of the UK-wide All of Us community for estranged and care experienced students, including the online social network. This week we meet Artie, Nyomi, Sam, Shaunna, and Tony... 9th June 2023 Read

Meet the Sounding Board: Part 1

This summer we are celebrating a year of the community for care experienced and estranged students. The Sounding Board is a group of current students and recent graduates who have helped shape the community so far... 6th June 2023 Read

Community Catalysts: Who are they and what do they do?

In November 2022 the Unite Foundation put out a job advert for two care-experienced or estranged students to support the growth of a new student community. They are known as Community Catalysts and their purpose is to help improve connections between, and build a sense of community for, care experienced and estranged students. 30th May 2023 Read

Running my First Ever Meetup: Behind the Scenes

At the end of last year, I ran a Christmas Eve Meetup in Newcastle for any estranged and care experienced students from the North-East. This was my first time running an event, so here is my exclusive behind-the-scenes story of what went on! 2nd March 2023 Read

This was Us at National Student Pride 2023

This year the This Is Us community and the Unite Foundation were at National Student Pride at the University of Westminster, London - along with two student ambassadors Liv and Kat - and King from the student social media team. 2nd March 2023 Read