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Stephen = Designer, This is Us

Working with Craig Oldham on the This is Us visual identity has been an opportunity for Stephen to inspire others to follow their dreams – gaining quality portfolio pieces and an amazing mentor and contact in the design industry in the process! 12th January 2021 Read

Chloe = Copywriter, This is Us

Chloe’s experience, working closely with Ellen Ling, on the creation of This is Us was a journey in understanding what makes a clear, effective piece of copywriting to promote and establish a message in a brand. 6th January 2021 Read

3 habits that can help with positive thinking

Being able to think and stay positive during hard times can be difficult and it takes practice, I myself am still learning to stay positive during hard times and the more we practice these good habits the easier it will be. 15th December 2020 Read

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to our new blog! We’ll be sharing with everyone our experiences at uni – and our news, views and opinions on what we think counts. This is us and this is somewhere to celebrate us! 19th November 2020 Read