A charity supporting estranged and care experienced students with a rent-free #HomeAtUniversity through a nationwide accommodation scholarship.

The scholarship #HomeAtUniversity Campaigns


The Unite Foundation supports All of Us, the community for estranged and care experienced students across the UK. We provide funding and dedicated team members who work hand in hand with the community to help everyone become better connected on and offline. Find out more here.

The community is united by its flag, co-created with estranged and care experienced students. The colours represent the diverse and dynamic community, flanked by the symbol of equality.

Please apply this to any documents, web pages or promotional material for estranged and care experienced students so that, at a glance, they can quickly see this is information that will be of interest to them. 

You can download the flag here. If you need a version to apply to a white background, please email safiyyah.hanif@unitefoundation.org.uk

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