This is us

We’re the students on the Unite Foundation Scholarship.

We believe being an estranged young person or care leaver shouldn’t mean being left behind.

The Unite Foundation scholarship gives us a rent-free, year-round #HomeAtUniversity, which means we can go to university, stay at university and finish our course, just like anybody else.

We’re not case studies so you won’t find those here. If you want to find out what university life is like for us, and the many benefits of a rent-free #HomeAtUniversity, follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter.

To find out more about the scholarship and to apply, click on the link below.

This is the scholarship This is our podcast This is our point of view


We’re proud members of All of Us, the community for ALL estranged and care experienced students across the UK. If you’re starting uni or already there look it up! All of Us is for any student who identifies as estranged or care experienced, you don’t have to be on the scholarship to join in. Head to the website to find out more – – there may be events or meet ups near you and you can join the community online. It’s safe, sociable and a great way to make new connections.

Everyone is united by the community flag – co-designed by estranged and care experienced students, the colours represent our whole diverse and dynamic community and are flanked by the symbol of equality. You can download and print your own flag here.