The Unite Foundation is committed to breaking down oppressive systems and structures so that everyone, from our team through to the entire estranged + care experienced student population, feels
+ safe
+ respected
+ supported to be the expert in their own experience
+ empowered to achieve individual and collective progress.

Working with the Social Justice Collective we have set out a clear commitment to creating the organisation and society we want to be a part of, underpinned by an action plan that we will link to here soon (Action 1!) so you can see our progress in real time. We’re currently working across 8 key areas:

Our commitment
AccountabilityTo implement regular audit of our EDI actions and progress, starting in year 2
Cognitive diversityTo embrace cognitive diversity, and create inclusive interactions and environments that enable everyone to feel understood and able to excel
Policy creation and adherenceTo ensure we have all relevant people policies in place e.g. disability, menstrual health, bullying and harrassment etc. and that the team is accountable for working within policy guidelines
Personal experienceTo actively tune into personal experience, the impact of oppressive systems and identify how we can empower people to achieve individual and collective progress through our work and working relationships
Stepping in the right directionTo ensure we are a student-first organisation; recognising when we need to step back to give students space, and when to step in to help instigate system change
DataTo create, collate and publish relevant student and staff diversity data
CommunicationsTo create communications that speak to and reflect the diversity and dynamism of the estranged and care experienced student community, in an authentic way
TransparencyTo make our EDI plan visible to everyone and being held accountable for our commitments

We are always open to ways we can create social justice through the work we do and how we do it. If you’d like to talk to us about this, drop us a line at