Guide for Our Loved Ones

13th July 2023
“The idea for this guide came from a bad experience I had with a loved one around my 21st Birthday and feeling isolated during the Christmas period which followed.”

We’re very happy to share the newly published Guide for Our Loved Ones. This guide has been created by Tina Bhartwas, with input from students all across the country.

Tina came up with the idea of creating an accessible guide that we can all share with our loved ones (our close friends, romantic partners, etc.) to help explain to them what it is like being an estranged or care experienced student. The idea is to take some of the load off us having to explain our background or experiences from scratch, and to give our loved ones the tools they need to offer better support.

The guide features insights, thoughts and experiences from students and looks at themes such as: Day to Day life; Holiday Periods & Term Breaks; Special Occasions & Important Life Events; Tips for Conversations about Estrangement or Care Experience and Attachment Styles.

Download the Guide for Our Loved Ones and please share with anyone you think would find it useful. (This is the full colour version but if you want a black and white copy to print out, DM us on Instagram or Twitter @all_of_uk_uk and we can send you one!).

The Guide for Our Loved Ones is an All of Us publication, supported by the Unite Foundation. All of Us is the community for ALL estranged and care experienced HE students across the UK – and lots of us are members.

You can join the community here and if there’s something like this that you’d like to create yourself let Ira, our All of Us Programme Manager, now. Ira works at the Unite Foundation and they are always happy to hear from you