Help me achieve my dreams of an Environmental Conservation internship! #ShannonSaves

My name is Shannon and I've been passionate about animals and wildlife since my early years watching David Attenborough documentaries with my grandparents. I would watch in awe and say "I wanna do that!", and boy am I determined to do so!

1st April 2021

I want to travel the world and make as big a difference as my man David Attenborough (or try at least!). The dream is to work with different environmental/wildlife projects on every continent and have a positive influence on the people around me!

Gaining proper experience in the conservation sector is rather difficult and it is one of the only job sectors where you have to pay for experience! This is where you guys come in…

Not only did I manage to get into university (twice!), I have been doing super well and achieving amazing grades – I gained a first for my first year, and I have achieved firsts in all units for the first half of my second year (I am currently commencing with the second half)!

I have worked hard over the years to build my resume up with a variety of voluntary and paid work experience with animals: Reptile and Exotic Pet Shop, Monkey Rescue and Sanctuary, Bat Surveying, Habitat Restoration Projects, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Cat Rescues, SEALIFE Centre, and my favourite – an internship on a private wildlife reserve in South Africa!

And now I have been offered an amazing opportunity for an Environmental Conservation internship that will see me working in Seychelles and Costa Rica . They have already offered me a scholarship to get £500 off the total fee which is amazing, but obviously still leaves a lot of ground to cover! Can you help me get there?

Read my full story here. If you can contribute, that would be amazing but also, if anyone can recommend any good grants / bursaries / scholarships / sponsorships that would be so helpful! Please share and use the hashtag #SHANNONSAVES !