This should be for everyone.

The Unite Foundation scholarship has been running for over 10 years. So far 719 of us have been to university on the scholarship and 293 graduates are pursuing their dreams.

This is excellent but there are actually around 16,000 estranged and care experienced students and university in the UK and sadly going to and staying at university isn’t easy, or even an option for everyone.

Last year the Unite Foundation commissioned JISC to analyse data from 10 years of running the scholarship – providing a free #HomeAtUniversity for estranged and care experienced students, all year round for 3 years.

They found out:

+ Unite Foundation students stay on course
Students on the Unite Foundation scholarship progressed from 1st to 2nd year of study at the same rate as non-care leaver students

+ Unite Foundation students get their degrees
Students on the Unite Foundation scholarship completed their degree closer to the rate of non-care leavers

+ Unite Foundation students get ‘good honours’ degrees
Students on the Unite Foundation scholarship were within 3 percentage points of non-care leaver students in getting 1st or 2:1 class degrees

It works! 

We love that over 100 new students have joined the scholarship this year but we think all estranged and students should have a free #HomeAtUniversity and have the best opportunity to go to uni, stay at uni and complete their degree.

Find out what Unite Foundation is doing to mean that everyone has a safe and secure #HomeAtUniversity.