This is our community

The This Is Us Community on Mighty Networks is our online space to bring together estranged and care experienced students and recent graduates in the UK. The idea is to connect and build student-led spaces, so that we can feel a greater sense of connection and belonging. The resource is free, national, and available to all ages of students. Once you’re in, you can:       

+ chat with other students

+ share thoughts and post info

+ arrange meet-ups, organise games-nights, daytrips, holidays, etc

+ request Unite Foundation support and funding to help you run local and national events

+ have serious conversations or share light-hearted fun

+ give peer-support and pose questions

This Is Us community = make the space into whatever you want it to be!

Join us at:

You do not have to fit the student finance definitions of care leaver or estrangement to join us, nor do you have to be on the Unite Foundation scholarship. If you self-identify as care experienced and/or estranged, are in Higher Education and want to be part of a friendly community, you are welcome here.

Print out your This Is Us community poster

This Is Us community poster

Print a few copies of the This Is Us community poster and stick them up around your uni/college/conservatoire or in Student Unions and Associations.