Tell the Unite Foundation what ‘community’ means to you, and you could win a brand new DELL laptop.

14th March 2022

We’re all students on the Unite Foundation scholarship, which covers your accommodation and bills covered for up to 3 years at uni. That includes all through the holidays too, so you don’t have to wonder where to go during reading weeks or over Christmas or summer. You can even stay the summer after you graduate to plan your next move.

We’re all studying in different places across country and a lot of us have said that we’d like to connect with other students on the scholarship as well as other estranged and care experienced students at our unis. The Unite Foundation wants to help us do that and enable us to create our own community in whatever way works for us. This isn’t just for students on the scholarship, this is for us all.

Some of us are already running societies, groups and link ups for estranged and care experienced students, some of us have some ideas for things we’d like to do but we don’t know where to start, some of us are already part of small communities we wish we could grow, some of us would like to see more things going on that we can join in with.

The Unite Foundation would really like to know what ‘community’ looks like or feels like to you and understand what support you need to form and grow communities that matter to you and help you feel like you belong at university.

What would you like to see or do? If you have some ideas, click here to share your suggestions (and thanks to Glide, you might win a brand new DELL laptop!).

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Dot at

Good luck!


The small print:

To be eligible to enter the draw for a laptop (there are 27 up for grabs):

 The draw:

T&Cs: Winners will be chosen at random and contacted by email on Monday 4th April 2022. The Unite Foundation will request your address details to be able to send you your Dell Latitude 3190 laptop . There is no alternative prize. Prize cannot be exchanged for cash. The Unite Foundation and Glide PLC are not responsible for installation of software or maintenance of laptops. This competition is not associated with DELL.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash