Emily = Marketing, This is Us

18th February 2021

I’m Emily and for the past 6 months I’ve been working with Unite Foundation and the Office of Craig Oldham on the creation of This is Us. I study International Business and Marketing and my focus for This is Us is giving us all somewhere to shout about us! We want the brand to reflect the energy of the Unite Foundation scholars and create community for all care experienced and estranged students through socials, events and social media.

Our social media platforms are now a gallery and a celebration of us and our achievements, and our failures too – it’s ok if things don’t always go exactly to plan! We’re using these platforms to share our experiences in uni, challenges, successes, and a piece of our minds! We want to welcome everyone here and hopefully inspire others to join our community.

Studying Marketing, it was interesting to work on a live project especially one so dear to my heart. I am now able to slowly implement my ideas as we launch This is Us, I took over the social media platforms in December and I’m carrying on working with Beki and the other scholars on the team on social media and campaigns all through the year.

It’s going to be really exciting, follow us and join in the chat and campaigns!