Covid: a conversation

There were mixed feelings surrounding the final Covid restrictions being lifted in the UK last week. It’s been a really difficult 18 months for everyone and it’s fair to say that young people at university have made some big sacrifices this year both socially and academically. Yet, for some it feels that with the re-opening of nightclubs and festivals (let’s not forget this is alongside workplaces reopening, masks being made optional and social contact being reintroduced in all environments), there is a risk of ‘blame culture’ on students and other young people should infections rise. We had a chat amongst ourselves…

27th July 2021

TH: How do you feel about how students are being treated at the moment? And all throughout Covid? As clubs and stuff are opening there may be “blame culture” and I feel this needs to be talked about?

IS: We are obviously going to be blamed but not just students – the entire events industry is being frowned upon right now, yet people are failing to realise that this is literally our livelihoods, our careers, our venues, our businesses – the government haven’t supported us at all so what do people expect us to do? Just not open?!

US: I think the government should have made it mandatory for people to be double vaccinated before they go to clubs, festivals and other crowded places, like France have – unless people have a medical exemption

IS: I’m not sure how I feel [about vaccine passports]… I’ve just had my first vaccine and obviously I’ll be having my second, but if the government made it mandatory at an earlier stage, then a lot of young people would have been left with no jobs, no nights out and poor mental health because we’ve had to wait the longest to get the vaccine, because we are the least vulnerable.

AT: I feel like I need to ease myself out, it felt weird going into a shop the other day with no mask on but I’m trying to slowly get back to ‘normal’. I’m going clubbing for the first time ever at the weekend and I can’t wait. It’s an outdoor day party, I felt a bit nervous about going straight to an indoor event but I’m looking forward to this, you also need to show a negative test to get in, so I feel it’s really low risk.

UN: I went to a day event and it was fab! Felt so comfortable and safe the whole time! They made sure to check everyone’s NHS apps proving negative tests within the past 48 hours, there was sanitising stations everywhere and because it was all outside it felt very safe and could stand near the back and sides and people would be quite far away from you.

TH: I went into a club for the first time last week and they seemed to look after the staff, it was surprisingly roomy and the night was just so much fun and seemed how it was 2 years ago!

IS: In the venue that I’m working in people (attendees) are still choosing to wear masks when very close with people/ ordering at the bar, everyone was using the hand sanitiser, our AC system is literally insane, so the ventilation is amazing – no one is bothered about that though, people are more concerned about blaming us.

AT: It’s good that people are being really safe.

IS: Saying all this, everyone is focusing on festivals and clubs but no one said anything about the Euros and the amount of people that were gathered there, no one has said anything about the protests that are happening, also swimming?! How is it okay for me to go swimming in a pool with other people, possibly swallowing the same water, without a vaccine passport?

TH: That’s my opinion to a T haha!

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