A guide to getting a repair fixed: Evidence

5th October 2021

This information – and what follows in this series of articles – is provided to help you if you’ve moved in somewhere or have been living there a while and found something that needs repairing. In this article we’ll talk about evidence, and then go on to guide you from the first step (approaching your housing provider) to the last (approaching a solicitor).


Before we get into the different people to approach and what they do, it is paramount that you know that the most important thing you can have is evidence. Take lots of pictures as soon as you find the disrepair and if it’s getting worse keep documenting it.

Keep screenshots and emails of all communications between anybody involved and make scans of any letters you receive.

Stay organised, make a folder with sub folders inside for photos of the damage, correspondence between yourself and the housing provider, a folder of correspondence with you and anybody else regarding the damage for example if you have electrical problems and an electrician looks around and tells you something is wrong have them write it down or email the results of their findings to you and keep a hold of them.

If the damage is affecting your health (physical or mental) have your doctor write you a note explaining this and keep it in your evidence folder.

If the damage is affecting your studies or job, have a lecture, a boss or member of staff write you a letter and keep hold of that too.

Keep your evidence in a safe place or better still multiple locations such as folders, computer files, pen drives, hard drives, email folders etc.

You may never need it but if you do at least you have it.

Next time we’ll be guiding you through how to approach your housing provider.


Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash