5 good reasons to support our #AllThingsSEqual campaign

Life choices shouldn't be limited because of someone's background, all things should be equal. On Friday 16th April, we would love for you to watch your favourite film S=Equal (see what we did there) and donate £2 to the Unite Foundation so another young person can join our scholarship community. Here are 5 reasons why you should do just that.

29th March 2021

1 . You’ll be helping to create a space for another estranged or care experienced young person at university

By 2018/19, only 13% of pupils who had been looked after continuously for 12 months or more by age 19 progressed into higher education, compared to 43% of other pupils. Some young people who have been in care or are estranged from their families are simply told not to bother. It can be better than this, can’t it?

2 . You’ll be helping more people to understand what it means to be care experienced or estranged 

By spreading the word about the campaign and getting your friends, families and organisations involved you’ll be helping to make more people aware of young people who come from similar backgrounds to us. This might help other young people feel less alone and spreading awareness of opportunities like the Unite Foundation scholarship could encourage someone to explore a path in life that they might have thought wasn’t an option.

3 . You’ll be supporting our student community

This is Us is the Unite Foundation student community. We want to grow this community to:

4 . It will only cost you £2

That’s less than a posh coffee.

5 . It will be fun!

A lockdown-friendly, fun night in with your favourite film sequel, you can take some me-time or watch with friends or family – online if you can’t all get together, it’s easy to set up a watch party on Discord or Zoom.

Visit our campaign page to find out more, find a film or make a donation online. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and support our campaign activity – tag us @thisisusatuni #AllThingsSEqual in your own posts to let us know you’re taking part.

You can also text EQUAL to 70450 to donate £2. Texts cost £2 plus one standard rate message.