3 habits that can help with positive thinking

I understand how hard it can be to stay positive sometimes, especially when things seem to get worse. We can concentrate on picking up the ‘bad vibes’ and completely forget to think about the good things in our lives. These are the hardest moments to remember that these times pass and use the techniques we've learned in the past to keep us focused!

15th December 2020
“Keeping a positive attitude doesn’t only contribute to good health, it can also contribute to your performance making you perform better in daily activities! ”

I can completely forget to use the ways I have learned to stay positive and this can make it so much harder to remember to have good thoughts and be kinder ourselves. Being kinder and nicer to ourselves can make a big difference and I know this because it helps me sometimes.

Today’s post will be about staying positive and I will give you some tools I have personally found so helpful… ‘maintaining positivity is a daily challenge, that needs focus and attention’ (Forbes).

Why is it good to stay positive?

Studies have shown that staying positive is physically and psychologically healthier than not so it’s important to try and stay positive as this can have major overall health benefits. Keeping a positive attitude doesn’t only contribute to good health, it can also contribute to your performance making you perform better in daily activities!

I have noticed myself when am feeling down and start to think negatively, everything seems to go wrong and it can have a snowball effect. So what I try to do is change little habits in my day to day life and these subtle changes can become second nature.

What I would like to do is share some of these habits with you today, you don’t need to change anything in your routine or what you already do.

3 Habits that can help with positive thinking:

Being able to think and stay positive during hard times can be difficult and it takes practice. I myself am still learning to stay positive during hard times and the more we practice these good habits the easier it will be.

Being able to think positively during negative times can help you because you end up learning from situations; you start to identify things you can do differently and maybe change the outcome if a similar situation arises another time.

I’m going to end this post with, remember to look at every situation clearly as, when we are feeling down, we can see things that are negative but maybe false. Focus on the good you have in your life at the moment and practise gratitude because this really helps you to see all the good in you that someone else may not have.

Thank you very much for reading today, I hope this was able to help you in some way and remember subtle changes can turn into healthy habits.

Have a day filled with positive, good things and lessons.